Prior to submitting

Dear community member, thank you for your willing to contribute for the educational area of CAEN instrumentation. Our wish is create a community to share their ideas, experiments, activities where anyone can take inspiration from. Despite there is no layout to follow before submit a work we encourage to use a general template for videos, experiments documentation or presentation. These allow to us to review faster and the community can have an homogeneous content simpler to read and consult.

Please consider the enclosed important information:

  • Your work submission is free of charge and requires no further actions
  • English language is recommended as lingua franca for writing and speaking but not mandatory

Presentation and Slides

You can submit slide in .pdf or .pptx format with 16:9 or 4:3 layout.

Application notes or Experiment

You can submit slide in .pdf or .docx format with A4 layout. An example of Application note is available here.


Videos nowadays can be a better format to represent an experiment, often the images help to explain the content. We suggest a brief presentation which introduce the activity and step by step recording with the results at the end. Video format can be .mp4 o a link where it can be downloaded.