Be part of the CAEN Educational World!

The scientific community is part of the CAEN Edu project core philosophy. It is a powerful tool to foster engagement, inspire innovation, and drive young students into the scientific world happily.

A community opened to all (professors, students, technicians, and more) and such as to create new connections between the people in order to discuss their own experiences, new ideas, and why not to create new collaborations. We believe strongly that the community is the active ingredient that brings new exciting scientific ideas and projects.

Join the coolest educational nuclear physics world by sharing your experience. Develop and send your work to be an active part of our community. You can propose new experiments or reproduce what is suggested in the CAEN Educational handbook. You can send scientific papers, reports, thesis, presentations, or even videos which, upon acceptance, will be published on our website with appropriate credits.

Share Your Work

Please upload your work to be shared in one following the guidelines available here.

If you provide a multimedia file, please describe in a few words the purpose