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Institute: Universidad de Sevilla
Activities of: D. Lopez-Aires, J. P. Fernandez-Garcia, M. A. G. Alvarez

We report on a common analysis for the experiments of SiPM characterization (A.1.1) and comparison of di erent scintillating crystals: light yield, decay time and resolution (B.1.5). With this proposal, we use CAEN educational kit premium, based on SP5600 power supply and ampli cation unit connected to the SP5650C SiPM and the DT5720A digitizer. On one hand, we use the SP5601 LED driver. On another hand we use a 137Cs gamma source coupled individually to BGO, LYSO(Ce) and CsI(Tl) crystals with a constant volume (6x6x15 mm3). In the former case, we vary the amplitude (intensity) of the LED driver and verify the spectroscopic response. In the latter case, the light yield is due to a 137Cs gamma source interaction with the respective crystal, and again a spectroscopic response is analyzed. As a proof of concept, pulse high and pulse shape analyses are also proposed. Schematic comparisons of the results obtained with the three crystals are presented.