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Institute: University of Insubria

Even if a SiPM is able to detect very low light intensity, it can be used for detecting a large amount of light in radiation detection with scintillators. The CAEN Mini Spectrometer is based on a Hamamatsu 3×3 mm2 SiPM, model MPPC S10362‐33‐050C, coupled to a scintillating crystal. This sensor, with its 3600 cells, provides a wide dynamic range, allowing the building of a mini spectrometer. Its Dark Count Rate (DCR), due to the large amount of pixels, is one order of magnitude higher than that of the 1×1 mm2; its Dark Count Rate at 0.5 ph. is 3÷4 MHz: this is not a problem for the spectrometer application because we are not
interested in counting photons, but in measuring the electrical charge of the large pulse obtained by the pixels signal overlap. A right threshold will remove all the spurious hits.