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Author: Christodoulou Pinelopi, Simancas di Filippo Adriana, Mingo Barba Sergio

Institute: Erasmus Mundus

In this report the characterization of a Silicon Photo-Multiplier (SiPM) detector was done in order to estimate the main features of the detector. The breakdown voltage, the gain, the dark Count Rate as well as the optical crosstalk of the detector were successfully obtained.

Purpose of the experiment:
The first aim of the experiment was to calculate the Breakdown Voltage that corresponds to the value at zero gain to study the dependence of the main SiPM properties to the bias voltage. For this reason, the peak to peak distance from the photoelectron spectrum of the LED source spectrum was calculated. The mean value of the peak to peak distance was plotted as a function of the bias voltage, in order to derive the Breakdown Voltage of the SiPM by applying a linear fit. For the estimation of the Gain, with the same electronic chain, the analysis of the spectrum was done by following the software instructions. Next goal of the experiment was to estimate the Dark Count Rate and the Optical Crosstalk of the detector.