Author: V.Arosio , M.Caccia, V.Chmill, A.Ebolese, M.Locatelli, A.Martemiyanov, M.Pieracci, F.Risigo, R.Santoro, C.Tintori

Institute: University of Insubria


SP5600E Environmental KIT – Gamma Radiation Measurements, SP5600AN – Educational Kit – Premium Version


Silicon Photo-Multipliers (SiPM) are state of the art light detectors with unprecedented single photon sensitivity and photon number resolving capability, representing a breakthrough in several fundamental and applied Science domains. An educational experiment based on a SiPM set-up is proposed in this article, guiding the student towards a comprehensive knowledge of this sensor technology while experiencing the quantum nature of light and exploring the statistical properties of the light pulses emitted by a LED …

Data analysis code developed in MATLAB is available