Community Experiments: Nuclear Physics and Radioactivity

A complete list of experiments focused on “Nuclear Physics and Radioactivity” shared by our community. You can download the repository on the content below.

CAEN Educational EasyPET Kit: Feedback on Experience

Authors: Martin Grossmann
Paul Scherrer Institut PSI

Tags: CERN, IPPOG, Nuclear Imaging, PET, Poster, Presentations

Developement of a portable β-spectrometer for in situ measurements of Sr-90 and...

Authors: D. Krona
Lund University

Tags: Beta Radiation, EN, SiPM, Student Report & Thesis

Erasmus Mundus: Gamma Spectroscopy using CoMPASS Software

Authors: C. Pinelopi, A. Simancas di Filippo , S. Mingo Barba
Erasmus Mundus

Tags: Student Report & Thesis, γ Spectroscopy

Erasmus Mundus Program: Quantus software detector’s calibration and efficiency curve

Authors: P.P Martín, J. Pellumaj, I. Ahmad
Erasmus Mundus

Tags: EN, Student Report & Thesis, γ Spectroscopy

An EDUGATE simulation toolkit based on the educational EasyPET

Authors: P.M.M Correia, J. Menoita, A.L.M Silva, N.Romanyshyn, J.F.C.A Veloso
University of Aveiro

Tags: Nuclear Imaging, Nuclear Physics

Water Phantom Characterization of a Novel Optical Fiber Sensor for LDR Brachytherapy

Authors: Michael Martyn, Wern Kam, Peter Woulfe, Sinead O’Keeffe
Particle Physics

Tags: CAEN, Published Papers, Water Phantom