Community Experiments: Particle Physics

A complete list of experiments focused on “Particle Physics” shared by our community. You can download the repository on the content below.

High School Students’ Water Cherenkov Detector

Authors: Silvia Miozzi
INFN Roma Tor Vergata

Tags: Cosmic Rays, Particle Physics

Applications of Digital Pulse Acquisition Systems and Software Defined Electronics (SDE) in...

Authors: N.Damron, F.D. Becchetti, R.O. Torres-Isea
University of Michigan

Tags: Cosmic Rays, gamma spectroscopy, Nuclear Physics, Particle Physics

The hitchhiker’s guide to the scintillating tile

Authors: CAEN Educational
Application Notes

Tags: CAEN, Cosmics, EN

Radiographie terrestre avec les rayons cosmiques

Authors: J.Hoecker, Mr. Fluckiger
Student Report & Thesis

Tags: Cosmics, FR, High School