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Author: V.Arosio , M.Caccia, V.Chmill, A.Ebolese, M.Locatelli, A.Martemiyanov, M.Pieracci, F.Risigo, R.Santoro, C.Tintori

Institute: University of Insubria


SP5600C Educational Gamma Kit, SP5600AN – Educational Kit – Premium Version


In gamma spectra the energy, the intensity and the number of resolved photo peaks depend on the detector resolution and the background from physics processes. A widely used method for subtracting the background under a photopeak is provided by the Sensitive Nonlinear Iterative Peak (SNIP)
algorithm. This paper reports a validation procedure of the SNIP algorithm, based on the invariance of the photo-peak area for different background levels.


Gamma Radioactive source

Data analysis code developed in MATLAB is available