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These are notes meant to fill in the blanks and flesh out the partial explanations given in CAEN Application Note AN2502, SiPM Characterization.
The CAEN system this note describes is a very high-tech item with complex internal functions and a lot of engineering behind it. In half an hour or so, a technician could be taught to “just use it” to make repetitive measurements (for example, for quality control in an SiPM foundry). However, as physicists we need to understand at least the signal pro-cessing and overall performance characteristics of the system in some depth, without delving into the actual electronic design of the components. This is a bit of a tall order, due to the aforementioned complexity of the CAEN system. There’s a lot of stuff to understand. A big part of gaining such “understanding” is to learn some of the jargon used by electronic engineers to describe these systems. I hope the following notes will accomplish this.