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2809, 2021

CAEN Educational Training at Aix Marseille University

September 28th, 2021| |News, Workshop

CAEN Spa presented the main educational kits of the company at Aix Marseille University, thanks to the contribution of the Instrumentation Sector. The event offered the possibility to the CAEN experties Cristina Mattone (Educational Product Manager, CAEN SpA) and Mr Gianni Di Maio

2207, 2021

Portable XRF spectrometers

July 22nd, 2021| |News, Workshop

The culture of innovation has always been a crucial aspect for CAEN. Today companies and public authority operate by the need for synergetic solutions to promote and improve technological transformation through diagnostic and preservation. In a context where advanced technologies reside in the development of

2306, 2021

CAEN solutions for Neutron Detection

June 23rd, 2021| |News, Workshop

Unattended Data Acquisition Module for Unattended Monitoring Systems (UMS) The R7780 is a complete readout, acquisition and analysis module for up to 8 neutron detectors that can work in unattended mode. It combines the functions of a Shift Register and a Pulse Train Recorder. The eight single-ended TTL

1011, 2020

Developments in Physics Teaching and Learning in Higher Education during the Last 100 Years

November 10th, 2020| |News, Workshop

CAEN Spa has partecipated in a two-day online meeting which took place on the afternoon of Monday 9 and the morning of Tuesday 10 November 2020. The meeting, organized by the IOP Higher Education and History of Physics groups has been an opportunity to discuss

2101, 2020

CAEN Educational is flying up

January 21st, 2020| |News, Workshop

The balloon shortly after taking off, showing CAEN’s Cosmic Hunter inside a heated box attached to the basket At the 42nd international balloon festival in Château-d’Oex, Hans Peter Beck (University of Bern and Fribourg) ascended on January 25th 2020 with some of his

2911, 2019

18th IPPOG meeting at CERN

November 29th, 2019| |News, Workshop

The 18th IPPOG MEETING at CERN which took place on Nov 28-30, 2019 has been an important occasion to present some new activities in the scientific environment. Thanks to the contribution of APPEC - the AstroParticle Physics European Consortium - and NuPECC - the Nuclear

1907, 2019

CAEN Educational for young researchers @ European Space Agency

July 19th, 2019| |News, Workshop

The EIROforum School on Instrumentation (ESI) is a biennial event, jointly organized by the Instrumentation Working Group of the EIROforum organizations. The objective of ESI is to teach the basic principles of instrumentation to young researchers (PhD students, postdocs) and engineers from the EIRO organizations, companies, and institutes from

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